Daily Living

Lime Tree House is first and foremost a home; the activities of daily living reflect this and all care is person centred. In addition to assessments and lifestyle questionnaires we have resident meetings and reviews to guide what we do. We do not expect to have a typical day as each day will be geared around individuals, their needs and wants.

Lime Tree House also seeks to enable individuals to improve skills and gain increasing independence and vocational opportunities. We will support residents choosing to engage in formal qualifications and will also provide vocational experiences. Care and domestic staff will support residents wanting to help in the work undertaken within the home. There will be opportunities to develop skills in catering and cleaning. We will develop residents’ skills in communication and promote use of the office phone to carry out genuine work related phone calls.

Our facilities can be used for baking, food service, cooking and development of artistic skills, computer usage and organisational skills using our resident kitchen and activities/computer suite.
We have a range of games and entertainment and have visiting entertainers to ensure days are varied and suit the tastes of all our residents. Trips will include local pubs, shopping, the seaside, takeaways, country walks, museums; anything and everything our residents can think of.

We have opportunities to tend to our raised borders in the gardens, carry out laundry tending to animals. As new residents move in we will build on our facilities to suit personal interests.