Our Team

The team employed by Lime Tree House is made up of the following roles:
Registered Nurse
Care Assistants

The proprietors, Rob and Claire Lee form a point of contact where it is inappropriate to contact the management team. They manage the financial affairs of Lime Tree House but have no day to day management roles; you may see them at the home from time to time; please stop to say hello when you see them.

The management team is made up of Sue and Glen Robson, they handle the day to day management of the home, ensuring care provision is appropriate for all our residents. They are a great point of contact if you have questions to ask, ideas to put forward or if you wish to raise concerns.

Registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, they take charge of the home in the absence of management and they take charge of the shift. The nursing team is made up of a mix of skills to ensure a fully holistic approach to care is maintained. Amongst them you will see Learning Disability nurses, Mental Health and General nurses; all offering specific skills, supplementing and supporting each other to ensure all aspects of the residents’ well-being is maintained.

Care assistants make up the majority of the workforce, they spend their shifts directly caring for our residents. They know their likes and dislikes, they recognise the needs and support the residents whether at Lime Tree House or on excursions. Often the best people to talk to when you have questions or suggestions.

Cooks make freshly prepared meals, on site with a nutritionally balanced menu. They will respond to specific requests, likes, dislikes and prepare food according to individual/specialist diets. Food is such an important part of our daily lives, it provides structure and orientation to our day, enables social interaction and is a pleasure that stimulates mind and body. Our cooks are expected to form relationships with our residents and are integral to our care planning practices.

Domestics keep our environment clean, they reduce infection risk and help promote dignity for our residents. They too are expected to form relationships with our residents and to get involved with activities, help develop independence and work closely with the care staff to ensure a safe environment for everyone at Lime Tree House.

Sue Robson – Registered manager

My entire working life has been spent in the care industry, giving me 20 years of experience.

I have worked with a range of client groups, to include learning disability, older adults, physical disabilities, children and mental illness. My work in day care included supporting people with brain injury.

In addition to my paid roles, I have carried out voluntary work promoting and enabling independent living for people experiencing both physical and learning disabilities.

I have worked for DCC since September 1998, during this time I have gained experience and knowledge through working in different roles and attaining formal qualifications. My time with Derbyshire county council saw me progress from care assistant to relief manager in a range of council homes in North Derbyshire. I have been registered manager at three homes, two homes I was registered manager for at the same time. I have spent time as a Domiciliary Service Organiser, coordinating care provision in the community.

I believe in the importance of encouraging dignity and respect in a caring and friendly environment. I am driven in creating a service that promotes inclusion; whether in social activities, the local community or in day to day living.

Glen Robson – Clinical Lead

I have a broad range of skills and experiences including both care and hospitality industries. My time as a registered mental health nurse has seen me working with various client groups in a range of settings, including learning disability, forensics, older adults (with both organic and functional diagnoses) and personality disorders. The time I spent as a charge nurse, working for the NHS, included training learning disability and older adult’s workforce to prevent and manage violence and aggression. In addition my nursing and management qualifications have enabled me to take on a role of registered manager for an older adults for an older adult’s residential home in Derbyshire.

I am a trained chef and have experience of training and managing hospital domestic and porter staff.

I am an advocate for person-centred care and impress on others the need for flexibility in the service we provide.